Semantic Superpowers!

Semantic Superpowers from Mills Davis

Next generation semantic technologies help individuals and businesses develop semantic superpowers. That is how we break the chains of legacy systems, free resources from maintenance, and innovate the new capabilities we need to thrive in the next Internet. Learn what semantic superpowers can do for you.

We’re accelerating towards an Internet of hundreds of billions subjects, services and things. It’s a hyper-connected mesh of smart agents and scale-free processes. Everything has some intelligence, and both people and things contribute to the social dialog. Systems will know. They will learn to get better. More than assistants, apps will reason and communicate like people.

We’re not going to get there with conventional IT. Contemporary computing has reached the limits of its ability to cope with increases of scale, complexity, process dynamics, and velocity of change.

But wait, you already know this. You see the symptoms every day. Development backlogs. Failed projects. Poor ROI. Rigid data silos. Fragmented business processes choked with exceptions. And, maintenance of legacy systems sucking up more than 2/3 of the IT budget. To intercept the future, we need to change this.

It’s time to get smart.

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