Lawrence Mills Davis is founder and managing director of Project10X, a research consultancy known for forward-looking industry studies; multi-company innovation programs; and business solution strategy consulting. Mills brings 30 years experience as an industry analyst, business consultant, computer scientist, and entrepreneur. He is the author of more than 50 reports, whitepapers, articles, and industry studies.

Mills works with clients seeking to exploit transformative opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). He brings a depth and breadth of expertise to help leaders realize their goals. More than narrow specialization, Mills brings perspective that combines understanding of business, technology, and creativity.

Mills’ focus is AI research, solution envisioning, and venture consulting. For the past 2 years, he has been helping a leading global digital marketing agency and consultancy with more than 20,000 professionals worldwide to build its global AI Practice. Functioning at a director level, Mills has developed industry research, analyst reviews, sector profiles, market studies, AI technology briefs, use case research, and capability assessments for the AI practice in support of business development and solution realization.

Business and consumer applications of AI are growing. Over the past two years, Mills’ research has explored more than 250 AI use cases, both within and across industries. Key themes are AI for customer engagement, data insights, business acceleration, and enterprise transformation. Some research has examined challenges, innovation themes, and state of play for digital transformation and AI at top firms in, for example: pharma, travel and hospitality, retail, automotive, banking, and asset management industries. Other investigations have provided targeted research and consulting for specific projects.

Here are some examples:

  • AI start-up developing an intelligent research assistant that quickly reads a large amount of documents, finds and extracts the information of most interest, and generates a written research reports in fresh prose including hyperlinks to sources and bibliography — research and consulting addressed venture business plan, competitive positioning, go-to-market strategies, and AI-infused user experience concepts powered by natural language processing, machine learning, semantic technology, and high-speed reasoning.
  • Global IT services provider launching a corporate RegTech start-up to automate financial services regulatory compliance — research developed semantic / cognitive computing / AI platform options, business plan, and go-to-market strategy for selected compliance automation solutions.
  • International bank automating derivative contract lifecycle processing — research vendors, recommend options for robotic process automation to include document OCR, signature verification, contract clause validation, and automated compliance reporting and remediation.
  • Theme park enhancing engagement throughout the customer journey — research the state of play for multi-channel AI chatbots and intelligent agents; evaluate and recommend feasible vendor platforms, development environments, and capability building blocks.
  • Food service chain developing an express ordering option for customers — examine technology options to enable geo-fencing, on-premise location services, automated license plate recognition, and biometrics, and identify associated legal and regulatory requirements.

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