What is goal-oriented software engineering?

Declaring knowledge about data, processes, rules, services and goals separately from application code to enable sharable, adaptive, autonomic, and autonomous solutions.

Almost Human

Almost Human

Goal-oriented software engineering separates knowledge (i.e., semantic models) about what to do from how to do it. Goals identify targets for a process, or portion of a process. Plans get selected dynamically to achieve goals. Self management within the business process logic allows dynamic restructuring of goals and plans at run time as well as adaptation of process behavior to prevailing run-time conditions and business contexts.

Autonomous solutions have the ability to independently perform some processing toward achieving or maintaining one or more goal. They are self-contained systems that function independently of other components or systems by acquiring, processing and acting on environmental information.

Autonomic computing systems have the ability to self-regulate a goal/plan hierarchy to make automatic adjustments in real-time in accordance with changing environment using closed control loops without the need for any direct intervention.

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