What are some principles for multi-agent systems?

Environment is an active process. A flock is not a big bird. Emergent behavior is distributed. Think small.

Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch

Software technologies have evolved from assemblers, to procedure programming, to object-oriented software. Goal-oriented direct model-driven services, semantic agents, and multi-agent systems are the next software paradigm.

Some principles for multi-agent systems include:

  1. Agents should correspond to “things” in a problem domain rather than to abstract functions
  2. Agents should be small in mass, time (able to forget), and scope (avoid global knowledge action)
  3. Multi-agent systems should be decentralized (with no single point of control/failure)
  4. Agents should be neither homogeneous nor incompatible but diverse
  5. Agent communities should include a dissipative mechanism (entropy leak)
  6. Agents should have ways of caching and sharing what they learn about their environment
  7. Agents should plan and execute concurrently rather than sequentially.

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